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Bringing It
All Back Home

by Steve Perry


Nov 14, 2001
Afghanistan: The Puzzle Palace
The Taliban turn and run, but the real war may just be starting

Nov 7, 2001
American Roulette?
U.S. officials tout a near 100 percent chance of additional terror attacks in the near future. But what kind?

Nov 5, 2001
The Winter of Our Disarray
Notes from home and abroad on the U.S.’s stalled-out war.

Oct 30, 2001
The Silent Genocide
Before it’s done the U.S. offensive in Afghanistan will cause the deaths of millions of innocents.

Oct 23, 2001
Cipro? We Got Your Stinkin’ Cipro
The Bush administration’s stiff upper lip can’t conceal the perilous state of the public health system.

Oct 17, 2001
The Anthrax Chronicles
The check’s in the mail.

Oct 16, 2001
War Without Frontiers
Where will the U.S. strike next in its global “war against terrorism”? You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

Oct 10, 2001
What Is To Be Done?
There are lots of Americans who would like an alternative to prolonged war. Is there one?

Oct 8, 2001
It Begins
The first U.S. strikes against Afghanistan offer clues to the unfolding war.

Oct 2, 2001
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The attorney general fans public fears of another attack to win quick passage of anti-terror bill.

Sep 29, 2001
The Pentagon’s Blueprint
Understanding the "fourth generation of warfare," and notes on the unfriendly skies.

Sep 27, 2001
All Dressed Up and No Place to Go
U.S. forces are ready to strike—but where? At whom? And on what scale?

Sep 24, 2001
The Meaning of bin Laden
The practical question is not whether he’s guilty, but what the U.S. can—and cannot—hope to accomplish by hunting him down.

Sep 21, 2001
The Bush Doctrine:
A New Cold War

Notes on the Bush speech and the evolving international picture.

Sep 20, 2001
Bush’s Holy War
The president has secured a blank check to make war on “terrorism” wherever he chooses to find it. In the process he may give the engineers of last week’s atrocities exactly what they wanted.

Sep 17, 2001
Between the Lines
Half-told stories and lingering questions already abound in the flurry of Bloody Tuesday coverage.

Sep 16, 2001
The First Casualty
In the wake of Tuesday's apocalyptic suicide attacks, skepticism is the better part of patriotism.

Steve Perry lives in Minneapolis, where he was the editor of City Pages from 1989 to 1997.

Email: Steve Perry

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