Daily Casualty Count of Afghan Civilians Killed in U.S. Bombing Attacks

Carpet bombing of Tutukhan hill, northwest of Kabul, during 2nd phase of the U.S air war

Appendix 4: Daily Casualty Count of Afghan Civilians Killed in U.S Bombing Attacks

Compiled by and excerpted from Marc W. Herold, "A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting" [Durham, N.H,: unpublished manuscript, Departments of Economics and Women's Studies, University of New Hampshire, December 2001]. Professor Herold [B.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D Econ] has been on the faculty of the University of New Hampshire since the fall of 1975, specializing in the area of Third World economic and social development.

October 7/8

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Qasba Khan neighborhood near airport and Radio Shariat station at Bibi Mahru hill Kabul 20 At least two cruise missiles Hits Qasba Khan and Bibi Mahru neighborhoods; 10 killed at each site India Express 10/9/01; OTN 10/8/01; Chic. Trib. 10/8/01; LAT 10/9/01; T of I 10/8/01;Irish Times 10/8/01; Guardian 10/8/01
Mullah Omar's residence Kandahar 2 4 bombs dropped in 3rd raid on city Kills Omar's stepfather and 10 year old son; 3rd wave of attacks; the 2nd hit downtown Taliban headquarters; the first the airport ITAR-TASS 10/8/01; Guardian 10/8/01; Ahmed 11/01; BBC News 10/9/01; FP 10/14/01
Residence Kandahar 2 bomb Bomb aimed at arms deport misses and kills family of Abdul Baq PNS 10/9/01 mentions 4 die in Kandahar; Asheville Global Report News 11/5-21/01
Residences near Jalalabad airport Nangarhar 3-4 3 missiles Only one missile hit airport; other 2astray; injured 2teenagers and ice-cream vendor returning from work PNS 10/9/01; Pak. Obs. 10/9/01; Guardian 10/11/01
Herat Herat 9 bombs Pak. Obs. 10/9/01; PNS 10/9/01
Spin Ghar area Nangarhar bombed Tora Bora area OTN 10/8/01
400-bed women's hospital, Wazir Akbar Khan Kabul 13-19 Bomb falls near hospital Reportedly 19 women die in gynecology ward India Express 10/9/01; Chic. Trib. 10/8/01; Seattle Post Intell. 10/9/01

October 9

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Homes near TV Mountain Kabul B-1 and B-2 bombers fire missiles and drop bombs At 16:09 GMT bombing of airport area and TV Mtn. atop of which are radio and TV antennae; flames and debris rise from foot of mountain FP 10/10/01; Radio Netherlands reports 10/11/01
UN's Afghan Technical Consultancy [ATC] building located in Yaka Toot suburb, 2 mi. east of Kabul Kabul 4-6 Cruise missile At 9 p.m. a missile obliterates the U.N contracting firm, located near a defunct radio tower 50 meters away; kills 4 and injures two AFP 10/9/01; FP 10/10/01; WP 10/10/01; LAT 10/9/01; Indep. 10/14/01; Guardian 10/10/01; Miami Herald 10/10/01; Sg.News 10/8/01 citing AIP
Deh Sabz village on a pass 25 kms no. of Kabul Kabul Stray missile Destroys houses, injures 2 families of Nazim and Ullah Khan; village not close to any military facility Guardian 10/10/01; T of I 10/10/01
Town of Maiwand, 70 kms west of Kandahar Kandahar 1 bomb Village hit; target was an Al Qaeda camp FP 10/10/01; Sg.News 10/8/01 citing AIP; OTN 10/9/01
Kunduz area Kunduz "some civilians" 3 bombing attacks in Tues. a.m. OTN 10/9/01
Shindhand air base Herat 5 bombed Major air base bombed and 5 civilians die Herat governor cited in Jang.News. 10/10/01

October 10

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Sultanpur mosque Jalalabad 15-17-70 bomb mosque bombed during prayer AFP, Oct. 24 th, FP 10/15/01, WP 10/10/01, LAT 10/09/01, Indep. 10/04/01
Sultanpur mosque Jalalabad [120] bombed bombed again as rescuers at work Indep. 10/13/01, W for Ch 10/22/01
Homes Kabul 10 missiles homes near the Old Customs house BBC News 10/11/01, PNS 10/12/01
Kandahar Kandahar 10-15 bombs BBC News 11/11/01 cites UN Officials
Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh 25 bombs www.wsws.org
Residential area, Gardez Paktia 10 bomb WP 10/14/01
Villages of Darunta, Torghar, Farmada Jalalabad area, Nangarhar 28-100 Indep 10/14/01
Maiwand Village Kandahar bombed village FP 10/10/01
Startcor 24 hour strikes bombs started round-the-clock bombing and using 5,000 lb bunker buster bombs The Herald 10/12/01

October 11

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Karam Village, 30 kms. Jalalabad Nangarhar 160-200 bombs small shepherd, mud mountain village destroyed. Dozens collapsed houses FP 10/17/01, AFP 10/14/01, AFP 10/24/01, Observer 10/04/01, Indep. 10/13/01, 10/15/01
Village near Kabul airport Kabul 4+ bomb bomb off course due to technical error AFP 10/24/01
Qala-e-Chaman village near airport Kabul 1 bomb kills 12 yr old BBC News 10/29/01
Arghandab town, no.of Kandahar Kandahar 10 bomb Indep. 10/13/01
Gachkhana and Lowala districts, in e. and no. Kandahar Kandahar 18 bombs PNS 10/12/01, OTN 10/11/01
Majpoorbal village near Jalalabad Nangarhar "many" bomb AP photo exists The Tribune (India) 10/16/01
Kunduz Kunduz 18 bomb AIP in The Scotsman 10/22/01
Sorkhrod mosque 7 Kms. e of Jalalabad Nangarhar bomb AFP 10/11/01
Daman district of Kandahar Kandahar bomb AFP 10/11/01

October 12

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh 20 bomb UN Sources
Kandahar Kandahar 10 bomb father buries son Telegraph 10/15/01
Kunduz mosque Kunduz 23 bomb mosque bombed during prayer time Pak. Obs. 10/13/01
Qargha area residences Kabul 6 bomb 6 killed in house Guardian 10/13/01, Indep. 10/13/01
Kabul Kabul 1 bomb Pak. Obs. 10/15/01
Afghanistan B-52s B-52s are deployed for first time, dropping deadly cluster bombs Guardian 10/12/01

October 13

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Qilla Meer Abas hamlet, 2 Kms. so. of airport Kabul 4 F-18 drops 2000 lb. JDAM bomb fell one mile off target Guardian 10/15/01, LAT 10/14/01, FP 10/14/01, Pak. Obs. 10/14/01, BBC News 10/29/01
Jalalabad and Kandahar Nangarhar and Kandahar 13 huge number of fatalities in these two heavily bombed regions PNS 10/14/01, FP 10/15/01
Qala-e-Wakel village near airport Kabul 1 bomb 6 houses destroyed. 18yr old girl killed BBC News 10/13/01; Rawa org.
Kandahar Kandahar "severly bombed" FP 10/15/01
Int'l telephone exchange Kabul - bombed destroyed Chinese-built tel. exch. cuthing off all int'l calls BBC News 10/15/01
Market place in Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh 5 bomb fell in central market place S. Bunker of the U.N.
w. Afghanistan Bagdhis [12] bombing 12 killed and 32 injured AP 10/15/01, citing Taliban data

October 14

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Residential area of Kabul Kabul 4 F18 drops 500 lb. JDAM missed airport by 1 mile BBC News 10/14/01, SMH 10/15/01, FP 10/15/01
High-tension power lines Kandahar - bomb PNS 10/16/01
Bala-Hissar 6 th century fortress in S.W district Kabul - bombs reduced to rubble Seattle PI.com 10/15/01

October 15

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Qua-Nau, capital of province Badghis 12 bombs overnight attack Pak. Obs. 10/16/01, AIP cited in Arab News 10/16/01
Main power station in n.e.Kabul Kabul 12 cut electricity to Kabul for 2 days T of I 10/19/01, BBC News 10/23/01, FP 10/17/01
Hospital and homes Kandahar 5-13 strafed by AC 130S 5 killed when seeking treatment PNS 10/17/01, BBC News 10/16/01, Arab News 10/16/01
no. district of Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh 2-5 bombs hit homes during marriage ceremony PNS 10/17/01, OTN 10/16/01
Morgai and Gerekhil villages in e.Jalalabad Nangarhar 1+ bombs one jet drops 3 large bombs on western edge of city Pak. Obs. 10/16/01, OTN 10/15/01
Spin Ghar hills of Parachinar Pakistan - missile cruise missile lands in shepherd village,killing sheep and goats Arab News 10/16/01

October 16

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Central Kabul Kabul 1 2000 lb. bomb JDAM Hit Red Cross warehouse, injuring one Aimed at Talib vehicles. 35% of stored food is destroyed AFP 10/24/01, Rawa.org, FP 10/18/01
Qala-e-Mohammed District of Mazar Balkh 2 OTN 10/16/01
Qishala Jaleel District of Kunduz Kunduz 5 OTN 10/16/01
Bibi Mehro District Kabul 5 OTN 10/16/01
2 Trucks Fleeing Kandahar Kandahar 7-20 Dawn 10/18/01, AP 10/17/01 AIP data
Bagh-e-Pul, western neigborhood Kandahar 13 Dawn 10/18/01, AP 10/17/01 AIP data
Chinoi neighborhood Kandahar 15 Dawn 10/18/01, AP 10/17/01 AIP data
Kandahar Kandahar - Ac130s and Navy jets Mo/Tues night very heavy attacks on city.10:30 pm-morning Ac 130s first used. Indep. 10/17/01, FP 10/17/01, Albalagh 11/4/01
Lal Mohammed village, 19 mi. n.w. of Kandahar Kandahar 4 bomb target was nearb Talkib military base FP 10/17/01
clinic in Daman district of Kandahar Kandahar 5 AC-130 FP 10/18/01
Panjwaee district Kandahar 9 bomb house collapsed on family FP 10/17/01

October 17

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Fleeing refugee vehicles hit Kandahar and Jalalabad bombed bomb hits truck full of fleeing refugees from Chunai, in Kandahar AFP 10/24/2001, T of I 10/19/01, HT 10/18/01
Kabul Kabul - AC 130S first deployed in Kabul Pak. Obs. 10/18/01, PNS 10/18/01
Boy's school Kabul - 2000 lb bomb did not explode PNS 10/18/01
Fuel depot near Mudad Chowk residential area Kandahar 8+ - 17 bomb depot explodes destroying homes and shops PNS 10/18/01, Pak. Obs. 10/18/01, HT 10/18/01
Kunduz Kunduz 8 bomb houses and 2 clinics OTN 10/1701, OTN 10/18/01
Fuel depot in Khair Khana area Kabul 5-7 bomb bombs hit houses Indep. 10/17/01, Chic.Trib. 11/21/01
Kandahar homes and stores Kandahar 40-47 bombs, rockets center Kandahar hit by rockets, Mada Chowk area near Ministry bldg. Indep. 10/17/01, Albalagh 11/4/01
Home Kabul 1 bomb Kills Mahammer Pardis Chic. Trib. 11/21/01
Apt. complex Kabul 1 bomb 6 yr. old girl Chic. Trib. 11/21/01
Fuel storage area Kabul bomb set off huge fire, forcing firefighters to flee Canadapress news citing the A.P. 10/17/01
Truck carrying cooking oil Kandahar 3 cruise missile truck carrying cooking oil out of Kandahar, broke down, hit next day Albalagh 11/4/01

October 18

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Qala-e-Zaman, Khan suburb, 5 kms east of Kabul Kabul 8-10 bomb kills 5 family members, 6 houses destroyed FP 10/19/01, Dawn 10/19/01, OTN 10/18/01, T of I 10/19/01
Macroyan housing complex in east Kabul Kabul 1 bomb at II a bomb hits housing complex kills 14 yr. old girl FP 10/19/01, Dawn 10/19/01, OTN 10/18/01, T of I 10/19/02, Rawa photo
Kandahar market place and residences Kandahar 10-47 bomb Sarai Shamali bazaar near Kepten intersection in city center, flattened Dawn 10/19/01, Reuters 10/20/01, FPO 10/19/01
Truck carrying refugees e-of Jalalabad Nangarhar 18 missile destroys whole family Dawn 10/19/01, of I 10/19/01
Bibi Mahru village, near airport Kabul 10 Mark 82 500 lb bomb kills Gul Ahmad, wife, their chidren + 2 neighbor's children Guardian 12/1/01
CNN off. Kandahar - bombed
Arghandab town, no of Kandahar Kandahar 10 bomb Herald Sun 10/19/01
Power supply system Jalalabad Nangarhar - bomb OTN 10/18/01
Residential area Kunduz 5 bomb OTN 10/18/02
Kabul area Kabul [40] bombs overnight bombing, 18/19 T of I 10/19/01
Khogiani, 40 kms. s.w of Jalalabad Nangarhar 10 bomb village hit T of I 10/19/02

October 19

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tarin Kot Uruzgan 20-32 bombs Indep. 10/25/01, R.L. Barry
Kalawaqil district near Kabul airport Kabul 10 bomb 3 waves of night attacks on Kabul Times 10/21/01, FP 10/20/01
Civilian homes and a bus Kandahar "numbers of civilians" bomb Znet letter of Joel Lee
Shopping area in central Madad district Kandahar "many" bombs bazaar badly damaged as US planes attacked gov't bldg FP 10/22/01, Reuters 10/20/01

October 20

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
3 villages-Suliman, Nawabad, Bagh-e-Desht Herat 15 bombs PNS 10/22/01
Herat area Herat (60-70) bombs Fri-Sun. Deaths around Herat PNS 10/22/01
N. Kabul residential area Kabul F14 drops two 500 lb bombs target was parked trucks Daily News 10/2401
Kandahar Kandahar 50 bombs BBC News 10/19/01, Reuters 10/20/01

October 21

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tractor and trailer near Tarin Kut Uruzgan 20+ Bombed 20 people inc. 9 children killed when tractor and trailer they were using to flee was hit AFP 10/24/01
Parod Gajadad district of Khair Khana In N.E. Kabul Kabul 8-10-13 stray bomb bomb kills 9 from same family, destroys 2 homes. Raid kills 3 women, 4 boys, 6 men WP 10/24/01, AFP 10/24/2001, Rawa Org Photo, FP 10/23/01
Kaluezaman Khan neighborhood Kabul 5 bombed 5 members of family and 6 houses destroyed FP 10/23/01
Macroyan area Kabul 1 Bomb 8-yr old girl FP 10/23/01
Village, Thori Kandahar 23 bomb farming village near Taliban base Times 10/25/01, HRW 10/26/01, Times 11/01/01
Front-line no. Of Kabuk around Bagram Kabul - bombs first heavy bombing of frontlines BBC News 10/21/01
Military hospital and mosque Herat 100 F18 drops 1000 lb cluster bomb destroys 200-bed hospital and nearby mosque. Miss target by 300 feet Dawn 10/28/01, PNS 10/23/01, T of I 10/25/01, AFP 10/24/01
Residential area of Khair Khana Kabul 18 17 homes detroyed. 8 members family killed missed base 1/2 mi-away, village bombed Dawn 10/24/01, PNS 10/22/01, FP 10/22/01, AFP 10/24/01, Indep. 10/21/01, Guardian 10/27/01
Tarin Kut Uruzgan [11]
Kandahar city Kandahar 3 bombs 3 killed and 8 injured FP 10/22/01 citing AIP

October 22

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Khair Khana District Kabul 4 bomb Dawn 10/24/01
Four Fuel Tructs Herat-kandahar higway 5 drivers + bombs Pak. Obs. 10/24/0, Guardian 10/23/01
Four Fuel Tructs Herat-kandahar higway 5 drivers + bombs Pak. Obs. 10/24/0, Guardian 10/23/01, Al Jazeera video
Shakar Qala Village near Herat Herat 9-15 cluster bombs bombed village Guardian 10/23/01, Sg.News 10/25/01
Daman area, 15 kms. So. Of Kandahar Kandahar 4-25 bomb bomb village Guardian 10/23/01, Pak. Obs. 10/24/01, Dawn 10/26/01
Home in Kabul Kabul 1 bomb bombed meeting of indep. Afghan Indep. 10/30/01
2 clinics, shops Uruzgan 18 bomb OTN 10/22/01
homes and shops Uruzgan [80-90] bombs Pak. Obs. 10/23/01
Herat doctors Herat - - report poisoned patients (DU?)
Herat WFP warehouse Herat - bomb UM's WTP warehouse bombed Dawn 10/24/01
Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh 5 bomb Pak. Obs. 10/23/01
Clinic and mosque Paktia "unspecified no. of civilians" bomb Znet letter, Joel Lee

October 23

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Chowkar Kariz village Kandahar 52-90-93 AC 130's obliterates village in night of 22/23 AFP 10/24/01, Dawn 10/26/01, 11/2/01, Indep. 11/04/01, Al Jazeera
Qalaye Shatir District of Herat Herat 15 bombs early am attack on mosque Dawn 11/02/01, Pak. Obs. 10/24/01, AFP 10/24/01
Darul Aman area S. of Kabul Kabul 25 bombs Pak. Obs. 10/24/01
Oil depot Kandahar 15 bombs oil depots set ablaze Daily News 10/24/01, Pak. Obs. 10/24/01
Sarpoza and Daman Districts of Kandahar Kandahar bombs Pak. Obs. 10/24/01
Kala Shah Pir village and mosque Kandahar 45 bomb Pak. Obs. 10/24/01
Factories Kabul - bomb PNS 10/24/01

October 24

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Ishaq Sulaiman village and mosque, wester Herat Herat 9-20 8-9 cluster bombs village located 500-1000 meters from target. Overnight attack Herald 10/26/01, SABC 10/28/01 citing UN ; T of I 10/25/01, AFP 10/25/01, Reuters 10/25/01
Gora Tangi arca Paktia bombed by2 planes Dawn 10/26/01
Tarin Kot Uruzgan 12- bomb early am bombing Oman Observer 10/25/01
Tarin Kot rural road, tractor and trailer Uruzgan 20-30 bombs hit refugees fleeing BBC News 10/29/01, Irish Times 10/27/01, AFP 10/24/01
Kandahar Kandahar 8 bomb 8 nomads die Dawn 10/26/01
Douri hamlet near Kandahar Kandahar 25 bomb Telegraph 10/25/01, OTN 10/25/01

October 25

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar bus station Kandahar 10-20 bomb hit bus full of people in station, near Kabul gate Guardian 10/26/01, Dawn> 10/26/01, Reuters cited by Afghan News Net 10/25/01
Kandahar Kandahar 8 nomads killed Reuters cited by Afghan News net 10/25/01
Shakar Qala in Herat area Herat 9 cluster bombed residential areas of Heart PNS 10/26/01, T of I 10/26/01, Herald Sun 10/27/01
Takhatul Aman village in Koshar area Herat 16+ bombed village bombed: 16 killed and 23 wounded PNS 10/26/01, FP 10/26/01

October 26

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Wazir Akbar Khan residential area, 3 kms west of airport Kabul 4 bomb 3 children, 1 adult die in well-off suburb Guardian 10/27/01, PNS 10/27/01, BBC News 10/29/01, Indep. 10/26/01
Red Cross bldg. Kabul - bombed 8 tons of bombs dropped, which set 3 warehouses ablaze Indep. 10/27/01, AFP 10/26/01, FP 10/29/01
Comm. training center in E. Kabul Kabul 7 bombed night and dawn raids PNS 10/27/01, FP 10/27/01

October 27

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Khan Agaha village, Kapisa valley N.E. of Kabul, Kapisa (10+)-18 F-18 bombs 35 bombs dropped at mouth of Kapisa valley. One bomb hit mud timber house, killing family of 10 SABC 10/28/01, Sky News TV Emergency Italian cites 18 dead, SABC 10/28/01
3 villages oh Kabul, Ghanikhel, Ragi and Nickail Kabul 9-16 bombed, F-18 drops 500 lb bombs village in no. Alliance territory, 3 front-line villages hit reports from italian medics. Story of Koko Gol. Indep. 10/29/01, Dawn 10/28/01, PNS 10/27/01 - 10/28/01, FP 10/29/01 - 10/30/01, LAT 10/29/01, Reuters 10/28/01
Tagab and Najrab villages Kapisa [15] bombs FP 10/29/01
Darya Khanah village on Bagram front Parvan 5-9 bombs front-line village destroyed Photo exists FP 10/29/01

October 28

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kabul neighborhood of Qala-e-khater in Char Qala district Central Kabul 9 bombs flattened mud-brick house as wife, 7 children + dad having breakfast and destroyed neigbor house killing 2 children. Early am raid Dawn 10/29/01, SABC 10/28/01, photo exist, Bus. Day Thailand 10/28/01, AFP 10/28/01 photo
Kabul highway Kabul 2 bombs hit minibus with fleeing family SABC 10/28/01, BBC News 10/30/01
Macroyan district Kabul 3 bombs BBC News 10/28/01, FP 10/29/01, PNS 10/28/01, WP 10/28/01
Kabul city Kabul [13] residents report 13 killed on Sunday FP 10/30/01

October 29

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
House in Kabul Kabul [8] bomb Kills family of 8. Might be on previous day Mirror 11/13/01
Jebrael village in w. Herat Herat 12+1=13 cluster bombing village bombed, 12 die, 1 child injured died later T of I 10/31/01
Residential areas Kabul 25 T of I 10/29/01
Kandahar area Kandahar - heavy bombing renewed PNS 10/29/01

October 30

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Ragi village, n. of Kabul 2+ bombs home bombed SMH 10/30/01
Houses in Kandahar Kandahar 4 bombed for 5 hours Dawn 10/31/01
Kalai Nasru and Shakar Dara, 25 kms n. of Kabul Kabul 12 bombs 2 villages Herald Sun 10/30/01

October 31

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar Kandahar 11-15-25 2000 lb bomb dropped by F-18 4:30am pre-dawn attack on Red Crescent clinic, flattens structure. 25 badly hurt vehicles crushed by masonry bombs fell 600-1000 ft. off-target FP 11/1/01, AP 10/31/01, AP photo exists. Dawn 11/01/01, Indep. 10/31/01, Times 11/01/01
Jebrael village, in w. Herat Herat 1+ bombed AFP report, Sg.News 11/1/01
Kajakai dam, 90 kms n.w. of Kandahar Helmand - bombed 7 U.S. raids on power station of the hydro electric dam FP 11/02/01
Areas in 4 provinces Paktika, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Balkh 21 bombed OTN 11/01/01
Dand Red Cross clinic Kandahar "kill civilians" B-52 bomb OTN 11/01/01
Baloch and Balini villages Nagarhar bombs 12 houses destroyed OTN 11/01/01

October - no data available

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Munitions dump in Kandahar Kandahar 1 bomb explosion kills 1 child and destroys houses

November - no data available

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Near Kandahar Kandahar 5 bomb Fox News 11/05/01
Farm s. Afgh. 8 helicopter gunship kills family of 8 LAT 11/5/01
Jalalabad area Nangarhar "countless civilians" cluster bombs Pak. Obs. 11/12/01
Dali Ban village, near Kabul Kabul 69 bombs PNS 11/13/01
s. Pakistan Pakistan - cluster bombs found T of I 11/14/01
Spin Boldak border town Kandahar daily bombings W P. 11/18/01:AI

November 1

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Gar Way Tangi area Paktia 2 bombs border area Kashmir Times 11/2/01

November 4

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Area n.e.of Herat Herat 1 bomb Dawn 11/5/01
Near Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh dropped 2 BLU-82 daisy cotter bombs huge explosions Mercury 11/7/01

November 5

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kasbendeh, Kasbendeh village, 80 kms so. of Mazar Sar-e-Pol 6 bomb hits houses, kills all, who were Shia Hazaras Xinhua News Agency 11/5/01citing AIP, T of India 11/5/01
s. and n. of Kabul Kabul 3 helicopter attacks attacked Rishkar base in so. T of India 11/5/01
Herat Herat 2-4 bombing attacked Taliban 11th bat. base T of India 11/5/01; Pak. Obs. 11/6/01
Mazar-a-Sharif residential area Balkh 10 bombing T of I 11/05/01
Ogopruk village 70 mi. so. of Mazar Balkh 36 bombing T of I 11/05/01
Old Road hotel in Kabul Kabul 8 bombing T of I 11/05/01
Samangan and Balkh 15 bombing Pak. Obs. 11/6/01
Kashatada village Balkh 6 bombing 6 family members Pak. Obs. 11/6/01
Airport area Kabul 3 bombing Pak. Obs. 11/6/01
N. highway Kabul missiles hit fleeing cars Pak. Obs. 11/6/01
Rishkar area in s.. Kabul Kabul 2 helicopter gunship attack on Rishkor military base Xinhua News 11/5/01

November 6

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Provinces hit Kandahar, Samangan, Herat, Balkh, Takkar, Kabul "dozens killed" (12 est.) bombs Pak. Obs. 11/7/01
Paktia center Paktia "dozens killed" (12 est.) bombs Pak. Obs. 11/7/01

November 7

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Lejah area of Khdram district Pakistan bombs 40 US bombs found Dawn 11/8/01
S. Kabul area Kabul 10 bomb Pak. Obs. 11/8/01
Toremuz area, 40 kms from Jalalabad Nangarhar bombs Pak. Obs. 11/8/01
- - 40 on Wednesday Pak. Obs. 11/8/01

November 8

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Qazi, Sargich, Khoshad area Herat 20 bombs villages Dawn 11/8/01
Asfaran on Kabul-Bagram road Kabul 5 bomb village Dawn 11/8/01
Sorkrod, 7kms e. of Jalalabad Nangarhar 5 bomb village Dawn 11/8/01
4 civilian cars fleeing Mazar-i-Sharif Balkh "kill all" bombs bombs hit fleeing cars Pak. Obs. 11/10/01
Karta Parwan area of Kabul Kabul 2 bombs Jang newsp. 11/9/01
Kunar region Kunar 3 bomb bombed border area near Pakistan Jang newsp. 11/9/01

November 9

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Khakrez and Daman villages, n.w. of Kandahar Kandahar 7-16 bombs hits close to shrine where villagers hoping to give birth to a son gather Indep. 11/9/01, PNS 11/10/01, Pak. Obs. 11/10/01
Qara-bargh or Qila-e-Nasra, 50 kms so. of Kabul Kabul 3-6-15 bombs village hit Pak. Obs. 11/10/01, FP 11/13/01
Istalif village Kabul 4 bombs village hit Pak. Obs. 11/10/01, PNS 11/01/01
Kabul city Kabul bombing heavy night bombing on 11/9
2 buses Kandahar "kill all passengers" bomb 2 buses fleeing Kandahar Pak. Obs. 11/10/01
Kabul suburbs Kabul missiles Pak. Obs. 11/10/01
Hospital Kandahar 15 bombs bombs hit hospital in Kandahar, the Mirwais Mina Hospital PNS 11/10/01, FP 11/10/01
Route on Haji Gak pass, n.w. of Kabul Kabul "several people" bombs people killed traveling thru the pass FP 11/10/01, PNS 11/10/01
Qurra Bagh area and Karth Parwan districts of Kabul Kabul 3 bombs Tariq Saeed 11/09/01
N. of Kabul Kabul 9 bombs Tariq Saeed 11/09/01

November 10

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
3 villages in Khakrez area, ind. Shah Aga, 70 kms n.w. of Kandahar Kandahar [133-300], 125 est. bombs villages flattened - Shah Aga and Asmanze Pat. Obs. 11/12/01, Dawn 11/11/01, Herald Sun 11/11/01, AFP report, FP 11/13/01, Al Jazeera 11/11/01
Old and new roads out of Kabul Kabul 18 bombs FP 11/13/01

November 11

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kabul center Kabul bombs 10 huge explosions FP 11/12/01
Bus fleeing on North Road out of Kabul Kabul 35 bomb bus bombed - Photo available Al Jazeera 11/11/01
Maimanuh, capital city Faryab heavy US bombardments of the city FP 11/13/01

November 12

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Ghazni and Jalalabad Nangarhar bombs heavy bombing FP 11/12/01
Kandahar and Dush Qilla district of Kabul Kandahar and Kabul 15 bombs Pak. Obs. 11/13/01

November 13

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
2 houses in Kabul Kabul two 500 lb. bombs hit offices of Al Jazeera and house nearby Indep. 11/14/01
Bibi Mahru district near Kabul airport Kabul 1 500 lb. "slid" bomb kills Ayesha Ghulam Guardian 12/1/01
Macrorayon housing district Kabul 6 500 lb. bomb Guardian 12/1/01

November 14

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Khost Khost 2 bombs bombed military base Pat. Obs. 11/15/01, FP 11/15/01
Paktia Paktia 3 bombs Pak. Obs. 11/15/01, FP 11/15/01
Jalalabad area Nangarhar 4 bombs 6 night bomb runs Pak. Obs. 11/15/01
Canal in Jalalabad Nangarhar - bomb hits canal, flood the city Pak. Obs. 11/15/01
Jalalabad area and Khost Nangarhar and Khost "heavy bombing" PNS 11/14/01, FP 11/15/01

November 15

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar area Kandahar 8 bombs Indep. 11/15/01

November 16 -
(start of Ramadan)

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
East and center Kandahar Kandahar 8 - 12+ bombs night and early morning raids;worst bombing yet of city; hit mosque and foreign ministry FP 11/17/01, PNS 11/16/01, AFP 11/15/01, Dawn 11/17/01
Kandahar city Kandahar - bomb hit UN de-mining bldgs Dawn 11/17/01
Spin Shagga, Grow Tangi, Pehwasr towns Khost and Paktia provinces "many die" bombs heavy bombing Pak. Obs. 11/17/01
Khurran tribal area Pakistan 4 bombs 4 bombs land in Pakistan Dawn 11/16/01
Mosque Khost 500 lb bomb bomb hit mosque Reuters 11/16/01
Oil tanker trucks near Tungi, 10 mi. from Pakistan Kandahar - helicopters destroyed them US special forces attack resting truckers at night Times 11/24/01

November 17

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Village, Charikar Parvan 30+ bombs Sat. night bombing killed off 2 families (on 16 and 14) LAT 11/19/01
Maiwand, 70 kms. w. of Kandahar Kandahar 42 bombs kill nomads T of I 11/19/01
Khost religious school Khost 62 500 lb bomb madrassa hit in Matta Cheena city T of I 11/19/01, Pak. Obs. 11/18/01, Jang newsp. 11/18/01
Zani Khel village, 10 kms. w. of Khost Khost 28 bomb incl. 19 members of one family T of I 11/19/01, PNS 11/19/01, Dawn 11/19/01
Gardez Gardez 9 bomb bombed Mullah Haqqani's home Pak. Obs. 11/18/01
Khoga and Katway villages Khost 4 bomb Jang newsp. 11/18/01
Khan Abad village Qandooz heavy bombing Jang newsp. 11/18/01

November 18

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Garikee Kah village 24 bomb village near Torkham bombed SMH 11/19/01
Shamshad village, 8 kms from border Nangarhar 35 bomb T of I 11/19/01, FP 11/19/01, Dawn 11/19/01, 11/20/01, AFP report, Pak. Obs. 11/19/01
Villages near Khanabad, 10 mi from Kunduz Kunduz 100 - 150 carpet bombing Indep. 11/19/01, LAT 11/19/01, Balt. Sun 11/20/01, Chic. Trib. 11/21/01
Kunduz area Kunduz (800) carpet bombing Hindustan Times 11/19/01
Kandahar city Kandahar 6 bombs Dawn 11/18/01 citing AFP
Village Kundar "killing scores of gypsies" bomb Pak. Obs. 11/19/01

November 19

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Gardez Paktia 12 bomb kills refugee family when bomb lands on UN mine clearing bldg BBC News 11/19/01, PNS 11/19/01
Kunduz Kunduz carpet bombing day and night Pak. Obs. 11/20/01
Shamshad town Khost 32 bomb another bomb hitting rescue workers. Pre-dawn raid followed by another later Pak. Obs. 11/20/01, citing AIP; Dawn 11/20/01

November 20

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Gluco village, near Khyber Pass Nangarhar 7+4=11 bombs villagers killed on 19th (7) and 20th (4) Telegraph 11/21/01
Kandahar Kandahar bomb day and night Guardian 11/21/01
Kandahar Kandahar 2 bomb T of I 11/21/01, 11/22/01
Kunduz front line Kunduz 40 bombs hit mud houses The AP 11/21/01

November 21

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar city Kandahar 2 2 killed and 8 injured Tues. night FP 11/22/01, Indep. 11/26/01 - Fisk; PNS 11/22/01
Herat Herat 1 cluster bomb bomblet explodes kills child BBC News 11/22/01
Jalalabad and Ghazni areas Nangargar and Ghazni 75 US airstrikes in these areas Chic. Trib. 11/23/01
Kandahar, so. Kandahar dropped a 3rd daisy cutter near Kandahar MSNBC news 11/21/01, FP 11/25/01
Khanabad area Kunduz kill dozens B-52 bombing Indep. 11/23/01
Herat Herat 2 bomb unexploded bomblet as children run overfield to retrieve food packages Hindustan Times 11/29/01

November 22

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Asman Zia district Paktia bombed AIP cited by Dawn 11/22/01
Khanabad Kunduz 15 bombs Pak. Obs. 11/24/01
Jalalabad Nangarhar bombed city bombed Chic. Trib. 11/23/01
Highways Kandahar 2 helicopter gunship destroy 2 fuel trucks on highway FP 11/23/01
Kunduz Kunduz 7 bomb Pak. Obs. 11/23/01
Kandahar suburbs Kandahar 3 bomb Pak. Obs. 11/23/01
Paktia, Helmand, Neemoze provinces various bombs Pak. Obs. 11/23/01

November 23

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
5 WFP trucks Kandahar bombs damaged by bombing S. Bunker reported in Dawn 11/23/01
Kandahar Kandahar bomb bomb city Indep. 11/26/01 - Fisk
Lashkargah and Kandahar Kandahar 17 bomb FP 11/23/01
Kunduz Kunduz 40 bomb front-line mud villages FP 11/25/01
Kunduz area Kunduz "dozens of civilians" bombs SG. news 11/23/01
Kunduz area Kunduz "dozens killed" my est. 30 bombs Sg.news 11/23/01, T of I 11/24/01, PNS 11/24/01
Kandahar Kandahar 24+ bombs Pak. Obs. 11/24/01
Katway village Khost 2 bomb bomb hits house, kills mother+child PNS 11/24/01
Chagoti village Khost 1 bomb bombed house, kills child Jang newsp. 11/24/01
- Khost, Paktia, Helmand, Kunduz, Kandahar "kills 2 dozen+" bombs Pak. Obs. 11/24/01

November 24

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Upper Kurram agency area, Tori Mingal village 8 - 13 bombs bombs border area Hindustan Times 11/24/01, Dawn 11/25/01, Pak. Obs. 11/25/01
Pakistan and Paktia Paktia B-52 drop cluster bombs AP 11/25/01, Pak. Obs. 11/25/01

November 25

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar city Kandahar "killing civilians" AC-130s and jets Jang newsp. 11/26/01
Kandahar city area Kandahar 92 bombs incl. 18 women, 7 children Dawn 11/26/01
Takhta-Pal area Kandahar AC-130s bombed city center+highways Indep. 11/26/01 - Fisk
Kunduz area Kunduz 70 B-52 cluster bombing PNS 11/28/01, Hindustan Times 11/27/01
Adha village Kandahar 6 bombing 6 tribesmen killed Dawn 11/26/01

November 26

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Spin Baldak and Takteh Pal Kandahar
Kandahar city Kandahar marine jets and AC-130s Hindustan Times 11/26/01
Gorko village Nangarhar 3 unexploded bomb goes off kills 3 children who were gathering scrap metal from prior bombing FP 11/27/01

November 27

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Zar Karez village, east of Kandahar-Pak. highway Kandahar cluster bombs bombs rain down on village LAT 12/1/01
Hamlet Kandahar 15 bombs hit Hamlet between airport and city. All 5 houses destroyed. Mohammed Khan's family killed T of I 12/3/01
Lashkargah, Shorawek, Baba Sahib, Dehellah Helmand and Kandahar bombs heavy bombing Dawn 11/28/01

November 28

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
N. and e. of Kandahar Kandahar B-52 bombing Jang newsp. 11/29/01
Takteh Pal and Spin Boldak Kandahar bomb destroy 15 buses Jang newsp. 11/29/01
Kariz village Kandahar 6 bomb village destroyed. Hit home of Mahmut, kills his 5 children Indep. 12/4/01

November 29

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar Kandahar bombing heavy Hindustan Times 11/30/01

November 30

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Kandahar Kandahar "dozens of people" killed, 20 est. bombs Pak. Obs. 12/1/01
Kandahar, Spin Boldak, Helmand, Lashkargah, Tora Bora various bomb Pak. Obs. 12/1/01
Fuel tanker trucks Herat highway 4+ bombs hit 2 tanker trucks on highway to Herat Pak. Obs. 12/1/01

December 1

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Village, Kama Ado, 30 mi. so. of Jalalabad Nangarhar 50-200 (100 est) B-52 drop 25 bombs in 4 passes 30 houses destroyed T of I 12/2/01, 12/1/01, Indep. 12/2/01 - Parry, Indep. 12/4/01, Jang newsp. 12/2/01
Kandahar city, Spin Boldak Kandahar B-52 day and night bombing Reuters 12/1/01
4 trucks, 5 buses Kandahar 30 bombs hit on highway Kandahar Spin Boldak Reuters 12/1/01
Talkhel and Balut villages Nangarhar 50 B-52 bomb villages in White Mtns. Indep. 12/2/01, CNN.com 12/1/01
Gudara Nangarhar - bombs village elder recounts bombs injuring 17, 60 animals Irish Times 12/1/01
Chperagem village Nangarhar 28 bombs BBC News 12/1/01
Agam district, 38 kms so. of Jalalabad Nangarhar 20 bombs Indep. 12/3/01, PNS 12/3/01
3 refugee vehicles in Arghisan Kandarhar 15 bomb near Maji Hotel Dawn 12/2/01
Jada area Herat 30+ bombs Dawn 12/2/01

December 2

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
S. Kandahar Kandahar 13 bombs BBC News 12/2/01, FP 12/4/01
Spin Boldak Kandahar 15 bomb jeep bombed T of I 12/3/01, FP 12/3/01, Dawn 12/2/01
Bombing vehicles on highways Kandahar 12-30 bomb 6 vehicles bombed Pak. Obs. 12/3/01
Kili Sarnud Hamlet near Tora Bora Nangarhar 50 bomb hamlet destroyed Indep. 12/4/01 - Fisk
Lashkargah Kandahar 46 bomb Indep. 12/4/01 - Fisk
Bibi Mahru 12 bomb Indep. 12/4/01 - Fisk
Agam district, Landikhiel village Nangarhar 8 - 11 bomb flattens guest house PNS 12/4/01, LAT 12/3/01, Indep. 12/4/01 - Parry

December 3

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
White Mtns, so. of Jalalabad, Tora Bora Nangarhar 58 B-52 58 die, Sund-Monday T of India 12/6/01
White Mtns, so. of Jalalabad, Tora Bora Nangarhar 115 B-52 115 die, last 5 days (Dec 2-6) T of India 12/6/01
Kandahar city Kandahar 6-20 B-52 Dawn 12/4/01, Pak. Obs. 12/4/01
Argandab town Kandahar 17 T of I 12/4/01
Two bridges in city Kandahar - FP 12/4/01
Dahla bridge, 10 mi. no. of Kandahar Kandahar "number of casualties is unknown" Guardian, 12/7/01

December 4

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tora Bora and Mawal villages Nangarhar B-52 bombs - LAT 12/5/01
Tora Bora villages Nangarhar 42 B-52 bombs - Pak. Obs. 12/5/01
Kandahar Kandahar 4 B-52 bombs bomb hit clinic Pak. Obs. 12/5/01
- Khost, Paktia B-52 bombs heavy bombing Pak. Obs. 12/5/01
Ambulance Kandahar 4 bombs hits ambulance in Kandahar Hindustan Times 12/4/01
Gardez Logar bombs Hindustan Times 12/4/01
Kandahar area Kandahar bombs heavy bombing Hindustan Times 12/4/01

December 5

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tora Bora area Nangarhar 80 B-52 bombing reported deaths during last few days by Medecins Sans Frontiers BBC News Online 12/6/01

December 6

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Highway from Kandahar to Spin Boldak Kandahar "dozens of casualties" bombs witnesses report BBC News Online 12/6/01
Kandahar and White Mtns. Kandahar, Nangarhar "80 more people, mostly civilians" mountain villages near Tora Bora bombed Pak. Obs. 12/7/01
Highway Kandahar to Spin Boldak Kandahar bombs 3 Pakistani trucks carrying fresh fruits hit Dawn 12/9/01

December 7

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tora Bora and Melawa, 45kms so. Of Jalalabad Nangarhar F18 and B-52 bombing heavy bombing Jang newsp. 12/7/01
Remote villages of so. Kandahar Kandahar "heavy casualties" bombs Dawn 12/9/01

December 8

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tora Bora area Nangarhar B-52 drop 2000 lb bomb many injured…."had left children with blood oozing out of their ears" Jang newsp. 12/9/01
Ammunition dump Kandahar "killing unspecified number of people" bomb hit ammunition dump inside a madrassah Dawn 12/9/01
Tora Bora Nangarhar B-52s and jets raids every 30 minutes T of I 12/9/01
Airport area Kandahar 15.000 lb/7.5 tn bomb bomb dropped near Kandahar airport Dawn 12/9/01

December 9

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Tora Bora area Nangarhar B-52s and F16 causing huge rockslides in mountains, killing people in villages Dawn 12/9/01, CSM 12/11/01
Killi Modar near Mir Pul area Kandahar 8 bomb Village houses destroyed Dawn 12/10/01
Tora Bora Nangarhar 15,000 lb /7.5tn bomb dropped in area where Al Q. leaders thought to be. 4th such bomb dropped. T of I 12/11/01, Jang Newsp. 12/11/01
Caves in mountains n. of Kandahar Kandahar 157 sorties on Sunday intense bombing of mtns. No. of Kandahar and so. Of Jalalabad Jang newsp. 12/11/01

December 10

Location Province Civilian deaths Weapon Commentary Sources
Mashkhel village Paktia 10 jet bombs damaged residences and mosques in noon attack. eyewitness report 2 weeks ago 45 bombs killed 4. Target was abandoned Taliban base Jang Newsp. 12/12/01
Tora Bora Nangarhar 80-85 strikes by F18s, B-52s, carpet bombing of B-52s and jets bombing stopped in pm as NA faces moved up mtns. Guardian 12/10/01, HT 12/11/01
Khost Paktia 24+ jet bomb madrassa and a mosque hit. Target was home of Mullah Haqqani.Raid took place during evening prayer time Jang Newsp. 12/12/01

Index to abbreviations of news sources

FP - The Frontier Post [Peshawar]
BBC News - BBC News Online
Pak Obs - Pakistan Observer
PNS - PakNews Online
Chic Trib - Chicago Tribune
LAT - Los Angeles Times
TofI - Times of India
AFP - Agence France-Presse
WP - Washington Post
Indep - The Independent [UK]
WforCh - Working for Change
OTN - Out There News
AIP - Afghan Islamic Press [Islamabad]
RAWA - Revolutionary Afghan Women's Association
SMH - Sydney Morning Herald
A.P - The Associated Press
HT - The Hindustan Times
HRW - Human Rights Watch
Times - The Times [London]
Al Jaz - Al Jazeera network
SABC - South African Broadcasting Corporation
Sg.news - The Singapore News
Jang.newsp - The Jang newspapers of Pakistan
Balt. Sun - The BaltimoreSun

Note: Since I have published the above tabulation, a question has been raised about whether the sources for a particular incident I cite might all be relying upon a single news agency report. As far as I know---and frequently newspaper articles do NOT mention the particular news press release or particular possible on-site reporter---I have NOT deliberately engaged in such practice. I do believe that if separate newspaper stories report a particular story [without expressing reservations], then this reflects a de facto judgement by the newspaper staff about the veracity of the report and I count this as a separate source. Frequently, different sources mention different civilian casualty figures and most of the time, I have chosen the lowest number. I might add that if reports give different figures, they most likely do NOT come from the same source. Whenever possible, I have tried to locate first-hand reports, or statements by persons present [and still alive!] of a bombing incident. If a 'story' presents more a detailed account, I have lent it greater credibility.


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